Eva Mendes Generates Internet Uproar Regarding Parenting

eva mendes
eva mendes

Eva Mendes’s latest Instagram post has sparked some debate after she compared spanking children similar to hitting one’s spouse in their marriage. While there have been some who have been speaking in favor of this actress, there have been some who believe that on certain occasions, a child deserves a whopping. Although Eva Mendes respectfully refused to fuel the debate further, it is pretty evident that the Hitch actress has pretty strong views about her parenting techniques. 

Eva Mendes’s Parenting Techniques Have Sparked Reactions

There was also another commenter on Eva Mendes’s post who stated that while they were not looking forward to spanking their children sometimes it could be used as a corrective measure. This Instagram post is just a successor to the troubles Eva Mendes has faced while raising two kids with actor Ryan Gosling. Back in 2019, the actress opened up to Access Daily that while parenting was fun and quite wonderful, there were aspects of it that were pretty difficult. 

Since becoming a mother, Eva Mendes has been taking a break from working in movies- but she feels ready to make a comeback. In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, the star commented that her ambition to be an actress hadn’t faded away- it simply shifted onto more important priorities that she was going through. She also stated that she felt quite grateful that she didn’t have to work to support herself while she was bringing up her children- never forgetting to appreciate those who choose to work even when they have kids at home. 

When her children were just infants, it was quite necessary for Eva Mendes to stay back and bring them up in the way she thought was perfect. But now, with them slowly growing up enough to know what their parents do, she believes it might be time for her to come back onto the big screen