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Friday, December 9, 2022

Eva Mendes Took A Hiatus From Social Media

Eva Mendes, the actress of Hitch, had been on a hiatus from social media. Fans were left wondering about the absence of the star. But she recently came out about it on an Instagram post, confessing in the caption. Who inspired her to take that break? Her daughter, the superstar says. Mendes has an Insta-following of more than 2.4 million. 

Eva Mendes posted an infographic of a page o called @latinxparenting. The page encourages adults to let their children call out their parents for several things. The post read that kids calling out parents was “not disrespectful” but rather “healthy.” It also stated that kids should “be aligned” to receive the “respect” kids deserve. The Ghost Rider actress has children with her long-time partner and golden globe winner Ryan Gosling. The daughters are 6 and 4 years of age. 

Eva Mendes’s Caption Said It All

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Eva Mendes did not mention which child told her off. But she seemed glad about it and listened to her. Sharing the tweet on her Instagram, she wrote in her caption that she had not been posting as of lately because it was her “little one” who told her she was spending too much time on her mobile phone. The actress could make out that it was a personal issue for her daughter.

She further wrote that she had a “good talk,” adding that Eva Mendes “apologized” for her behavior. She further stated that she made a promise to the little girl that she was now going to be “mindful.” Eva Mendes also said that she realized one thing- being home does not at all mean that she is presently there. 

Experts have shown how parents spending too much time online may have an effect on their children. Rachel Simmons, an expert in parenting, advised that if children make their frustration heard, it must be a “sign.” They may “act out” to gain their parents’ attention.

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