Amid Children’s Hectic Plans, Eva Mendes Admits To Being A “Chauffeur” In Summer

eva mendes
eva mendes

Every parent is going to find Eva Mendes relatable after what she revealed!

The Ghost Rider actress revealed in a story on Instagram that she had anticipated a dull summer but has instead been a “chauffeur” for her two daughters, Esmeralda Amada, 8, and Amada Lee, 7, whom she has with Ryan Gosling, her husband. Recalling how her plans for the summer were interrupted by her children who had taken up certain classes, Eva Mendes said that she had turned into a chauffeur for her kids when she wanted a simple summer spent getting bored. In the small clip posted on Threads, 49-year-old Eva Mendes says that she spent the summer carrying around water bottles for her children.

Eva Mendes remarked that she wipes them down when they are all dirty from the heat and sweat. Mendes continued, calling her a “wiper,” remembering what her “summer of boredom” had turned into.

Eva Mendes On Meeting Husband Ryan Gosling At The Perfect Time Of Her Life

First meeting while shooting for “The Place Beyond the Pines”, Mendes and Gosling have been dating since 2011. 42-year-old Ryan Gosling realized that he did not want to just play pretend but create a real family with Eva Mendes after portraying a phony family with Mendes in the 2012 movie.

The La La Land star admitted in an interview this year that he had never considered having children before he met Eva. Gosling continued that there were times on the set of their movie amid their pretense of being a family when he did not want to pretend anymore. Mendes had the same sentiments.

Before falling for Ryan, said Eva Mendes, she did not wish to be a mother but then the timing worked out perfectly when she met the love of her life.