Evaluation Of Heat Biologics (HTBX) Stock After Being Assigned A Buy Rating By B.Riley


The stock of Heat Biologics (NASDAQ: HTBX) had been assigned a rating of “buy” by B. Riley, researchers of equities, once again, in their report handed out on 3rd December, Thursday, as reported by AnalystRatings. HTBX is a pharmaceutical company.

The current target price of HTBX stock is standing at $4. The target price assigned by B. Riley indicates a probable upswing of almost 260.36% in comparison to the present price of the company’s stock.

HTBX Valuation

ValuEngine has cut the HTBX shares to a rating of “hold” from “buy” as revealed in a report presented on 1st December, 2020.

The stock of Heat Biologics started trading on Thursday from $1.11. The average 50-day rolling price was at $1.14 while the average 200-day moving price was $1.27. The company had $0.20 as its lowest in one year and the highest at $4.30.

They revealed their data of quarterly earnings on 14th November, Saturday, showing EPS of $0.06 which failed to touch the estimates of Zacks consensus of $0.03. The company also has a 44.20% negative equity return along with a negative total margin standing at 527.90%. The stock market analysts have predicted an EPS of -0.22 on average in 2020.

Edward Smith, Director of HTBX, sold a total of 103,304 shares worth $106,403.12 at $10.3 EPS. After sealing the transaction, Smith is now the owner of 1,001 Heat Biologics shares which are worth $1,031.03. Insiders possess 5.50% of the entire stock of Heat Biologics.

JPMorgan Chase Co. bought shares of value $34,000 while Bitmore Office acquired another $25,000 shares. Strategic Wealth Management purchased $53,000 and HighTower bought $40,000 worth of shares. Institutional investors own 5.856% Heat Biologics stock.