Details About A Prospective Increase In COST Stock Earnings


The earnings of Costco Wholesale Corporation  (COST) for the November quarter are expected to be reported by 10th January 2021. Wall Street has projected an increase in the revenue on an annualized basis. 

The consensus estimates are important but a key factor that might affect the stock price of near-term is the comparison between the estimates and the actual report of Costco Company. 

Maintaining the immediate changes in price along with the expectations of the future earnings of the company will be very important. However, these will depend upon the discussions of trade conditions as well as the earnings report of the management. So, the investors must not be too thrilled about the possibility of great EPS. 

COST Stock Estimates 

According to Zacks’ research, COST is usually expected to reveal their upcoming quarterly earnings at $2 EPS that will indicate a +15.6% annualized change. 

The revenues are likely to be reported at $42.43 billion which will be 14.6% more than this quarter in 2019. 

Stock market consensus has revised the estimated EPS for this quarter to be 1.21% more than the preceding 30 days. 

Zacks has stated that Costco has a 70% positive surprise rate which will impact the market estimates. 

COST earnings show a bullish pattern owing to a +0.84% earnings ESP. At the same time, Costco stock was recently been ranked in the 3rd position by Zacks. 

Also, in the last quarter, the earnings of Costco was reported to be $3.13 EPS as compared to the $2.85 and gave a +9.82% surprise. 

To all potential investors, Costco seems to be a compelling candidate. Nonetheless, they must be alert regarding other significant factors before hedging their bets.