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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Parler Users Threaten Georgia Officials While Defending Trump Over 11,780 Votes

Republican supporters on the social media “free speech” platform Parler on Sunday defended Trump while condemning Raffensperger for not being keen on helping to overturn the results of the election. Democrats are denouncing President Trump as he threatened Brad Raffensperger, Georgia State’s Secretary for finding votes.

The Post obtained a phone recording of an hour on Saturday afternoon where Trump begged, flattered, and threatened Raffensperger for finding him 11,780 votes. Trump started claiming that the election got stolen while urging Raffensperger for recalculating the ballots of the state when the Georgia Republican official denied his request while insisting that President-elect Biden won the election fairly. Trump said that with the people of this country and of Georgia being angry, there seems nothing wrong with asking for recalculation of the votes and finding 11,780 votes.

Trump Fans On Parler Are Supporting Trump’s Threat

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One Parler user, who is a Pro-Trump supporter claimed that Trump wanted the conversation to get leaked and get recorded. In one screenshot taken by the Parler users, one Parler user said that Trump is an amazing chess player and no one can out-Trump him. He is like the guy who has a cat laser and so all the cats are chasing it. One user wrote that only one public execution can satisfy the anger that is in the hearts of millions of Americans for the politicians who allow people’s votes to get stolen.

Meanwhile, another poster on Parler called Raffensperger a treasonist jackass and asked to hang him for refusing to assist the President. They further wrote that it was the last chance for Brad to execute the correct thing. One commenter asked whether this man was allowed to record the call of the President while giving it on in the hands of the media. Adam Schiff, Congressman, California called the threat “potentially impeachable” and “potentially criminal”.


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