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Friday, February 26, 2021


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Parler Makes A Come-Back With The New Host After The Capitol Riot

The controversial media website of Parler has made a come-back on 15th February, Monday with the help of a new web partner. The company...

Parler Allegedly Offered Trump Administration 40% Stake

Parler is a social media forum that has been popular for its far-right audience. The social network became a haven for its users who...

Parler Has Been Benefiting All This Time

Parler has definitely hit a rough patch when it comes to what has been happening with it. The social media forum is a “free-speech” against Twitter for rightist

Parler Loses Claims Against Amazon Web Services

Parler the social networking application popular among the far-rightists have lost their bid over Amazon. The website had nevertheless returned online last week

Parler Returns With A Message For Its Users

Parler, the social media website popular among right-wing people has returned. The website was previously banned by Amazon Services following the Capitol riots.

Suit Of Parler Regarding Amazon Hosting Services Seems To Be Not Going Well

According to the reports of Bloomberg on Thursday, Parler which is the social site for conservatives and the site which features more guns and...

Parler CEO Mentions President Trump In The AWS Lawsuit

The CEO of the social media platform, Parler, John Matze, gave an update on the legal battle that is currently going on between Parler...

Amazon Demerits Parler’s Lawsuit, The App May Not Return

John Matze, the CEO of Parler has recently made a public statement regarding the unfavorable chances of the return of the app. Amazon has...

Parler, A Social Media App Popular With Conservatives Banished From Google Play

Parler is a social media site where people of conservative backgrounds are courted. The application resulted from the belief that the platforms with far,...

Parler Users Threaten Georgia Officials While Defending Trump Over 11,780 Votes

Republican supporters on the social media “free speech” platform Parler on Sunday defended Trump while condemning Raffensperger for not being keen on helping to...
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