Parler To Have The Right To Sue Amazon, Apple, And Google Citing Procedural Fairness


Two lawmakers from the Republican party attacked the popular social media companies, Amazon, Apple, and Google. They were charged on grounds of acting against another social media platform, Parler. The accusation took place this Wednesday. Parler was made to shut down following the deadly riots that broke out in the Capitol building on the 6th of January. The social media company was growing very popular among users having a conservative view. The Republican lawmakers made a valid basis while accusing the companies. They stated that it was very unfair to shut Parler down in the absence of procedural fairness. 

Parler VS Amazon, Apple, and Google

The move of the lawmakers has put all of the accused companies at grave risk. Following this, they may have to disclose some personal details with regard to their decision. And Parler also has the right to make a legal case against Amazon, Apple, and Google. The handling of this issue by all these tech companies remains one of the main stress points for the conservative allies that Parler has on Capitol Hill.

The politicians who are responsible for questioning the tech companies are Ken Buck, the Representative, and Mike Lee, the Senator. They are one of the top Republicans present in the House. They asked the accused if they followed the usual process of reviewing when it came to Parler and also whether every decision was well coordinated or not. 

A letter was sent to the heads of all three companies by the lawmakers in charge. The ones at the receiving end include Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, and Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon. As per the letter, all of these companies failed to follow a system of fairness when it came to the procedures and also that their decision indicates an “appearance of close coordination.”