Amazon Places Arguments Against Parler’s Lawsuit


Amazon Web Series (AWS) responded to the lawsuit that has been filed against them by the social media platform, Parler, which has the support of the people with far-right ideologies. Their response came out this Tuesday.

According to the cloud computing giant, Amazon, the lawsuit was made on a baseless claim. The company also cited a shield of liability. Section 230 from the Communications Act of the year 1934, that often stood to be maligned by the President of the US, Donald Trump.

Amazon Cites Reasons For Removing Parler

As per the arguments placed by the legal agents of the Amazon Web Series, the record of Parler with regard to abiding by the rules is not a very good one. They claimed that it was Parler themselves that violated the policies of the contract and not the AWS. And so, their removal from the hosting platform of the AWS came as an action against their policy breach. They also mentioned the action came as a “last resort”.

The statement given by the Amazon Web Series said that the content of Parler promoted all kinds of negativity. It was directed towards the encouragement of torture, rape, and assassination of some of the private citizens as well as the renowned officials. Amazon also stated that it was their unwillingness that led to their own removal from the servers of the cloud computing company.

In addition to numerous examples of Parler’s breach, Amazon further placed their claims by taking particular names of people who had almost fallen victim to the targets of murder that was being incited by Parler. They are the CEOs of top tech companies including Jeff Bezos. It also includes Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, and some of the members of the leagues of professional sports.