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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Fans Watch As Azealia Banks Dig Up Her Dead Cat And Boil Her To “Bring It Back To Life”

Azealia Banks could not have gotten more disturbing. The 29-year-old rapper recently posts videos of exhuming the remains of her dead cat and then boiling it in a pot to “bring her back to life”. She later deleted all the videos from her social media sites. But that was not the end of it. She further commented on how certain races have a history of beings “seers, diviners, witches and wizards”. She posted this to explain her actions with her dead cat later on.

Azealia Banks’ cat Lucifer has been dead for three months now and the rapper posts a series of videos starting from the time she digs up the remains from the earth. According to the clips that she posted, she was seen to be with another person, the identity of whom has not been revealed.

Azealia Banks Video Shoots The Entire Process Of Bringing Her Cat Back To Life

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The rapper has a fan following of 683,000 on the social media app, Instagram, a lot of whom raised questions when she began her method of bringing Lucifer back to life. She explained to her Instagram followers saying that they have dug its remains for the first time and that they plan on calling her back from the dead.

In the videos, Azealia Banks is seen to be happily going about her ritual. As reported, she exclaimed and announced to her audience that her cat is in a black bag while digging up its carcass from the ground.

In the following videos she is seen to stir a pot of boiling water. Banks claims that the process is a part of the greater paraphernalia of bringing her cat home, alive.

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However, this is not the first time, Azealia Banks is seen doing bizarre things like this. She has been criticized earlier as well regarding her alleged cruelty over animals. 

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