Parler, A Social Media App Popular With Conservatives Banished From Google Play


Parler is a social media site where people of conservative backgrounds are courted. The application resulted from the belief that the platforms with far, wider reach, do not allow them to exercise their free speech. 

Google reported that the social platform, primarily used by far right-wing people, is banned from their app store. This does not cut off rightists away from the app. Parler can yet be consumed by app stores that do not operate the corporate giant, Google. 

While the app users may not be as severely affected, it will still result in a sweeping blow to the followers and supporters of POTUS Donald Trump. Parler is, to many right-wing opportunists, a home to express themselves freely, without being attacked or opposed. 

Implication Of The Parler Ban On Users

The news comes in right after rumors surfaced that Apple threatened to discard the app from its app store. The iOS-operating-giant did not further discuss the plan to remove Parler. 

This follows a string of bans on Donald Trump and his followers from various social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and others. Several shops operated by Trump’s campaign administration were also taken down by the e-commerce media, Shopify. 

Following Trump’s several acts throughout his campaigns and rants on social media, the Capitol was harshly bashed by riots. This became a threat to public safety and resulted in four deaths. Google stated that it was aware of the content being posted on the app instigated and enticed its consumers more. 

Hence, citing the act of promoting violence on the app as violating its policies, Google took the decision of suspending the app, Parler.