Parler Loses Claims Against Amazon Web Services


Parler, the social networking application popular among the far-rightists, have lost their bid over Amazon. Amazon Web Services had stopped hosting the social platform following the Capitol riots earlier this month. This came out ruled by a judge on Thursday during a federal court in Seattle. This ruling acts as a slap to the social application, considering it was down since it couldn’t conduct the violence instigated on the platform. 

The website had nevertheless returned online last week. Parler had requested the court to ask Amazon Web Service to host their channel again. It was denied by the court. Amazon also reported before that there were no legal procedures to ask a company by order to host a platform promoting violence-related content. 

Parler’s Lawsuit And Reaction

Parler had filed an even bigger lawsuit against Amazon. They alleged that the corporate-giant had violated a contract between the parties by the withdrawal of their services and the antitrust law. This was the result of a rightist mob attack on the Capitol. The case was not dismissed entirely. Although, Judge Barbara wrote that the app could not “demonstrate” the three allegations to be prevailed on any merit. 

The lawsuit, as of now, is still pending and in the early days. So Parler has expressed yet hopes claiming it will win the case eventually. Although the app also expressed disappointment in the order stated. 

Amazon expressed a welcome to the ruling stating that this case had nothing to do with “free speech.” They further said that it was a customer of theirs that continuously violated their policies and terms. Parler also was alleged to have encouraged violence. Since the lawsuit has more time, both companies express hope in putting forward their arguments.