Facebook Nemesis App, MeWe Hikes In Downloads


Facebook has been gaining massive criticism in the rowing weeks considering its relentlessness with violations of privacy, capitalism as well as bias in political expression. In retaliation, a newer app has been gaining dominance over the now widely known social-networking giant. MeWe has been calling itself the anti-Facebook network. The application has been witnessing a massive climb in downloads.

The app, Facebook’s growing nemesis, has an increasing number of subscribers, surpassing the 2.5 million mark just this past week. This sums up the entire user base at a whopping 16 million. A spokesperson for WeMe said that over 50% of these users come from outside the United States. 

Reasons Behind Facebook’s Downfall 

Facebook and Twitter are among the massive social media apps that have been going through this loss. The firms have been accused of manipulating news information as well as political bias, generating questions about freedom of speech as well. Several right-wing users have even gone as far as to question the first amendment right. This has been adding up to the user subscriptions of MeWe. 

David Weatreich also indirectly hinted that the app could become the next Facebook. He mentioned the app was now the “new mainstream” networking social platform that has the features that its users “love.” The app also has “no targeting” or “no advertisements.” Last June, the app reportedly surpassed the benchmark users of 8 million. It ranked at No.7 amongst all apps. It also ranked at No. 4 amongst social media rankings. This was recorded on the iPhone downloads in the US on the 10th of January. 

On the App Store, it sat proudly at No. 14 in social media. On the Google Play free apps, it stood at No. 13. This was followed by a hike in downloads. It is predicted to climb as users are looking more for alternatives against Facebook.