Facebook, A Battleground For Pro and Anti-Vaxx Users

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Facebook Marketplace

There was a group over the social media platform, Facebook, with regard to the concerns of the coronavirus vaccine. The name of the group was, Vaccines Exposed. The reason behind the creation of the group was for the opposition of the vaccines that were termed to be “deadly”. The total number of the members of the group was 13,000. This was what caused the social media platform to develop into a battleground for the coronavirus vaccine.

Facebook Amid The Vaccine Arguments

Due to the increasing popularity of the group, Facebook had to remove it. This incident took place this Friday. The reason being that it violated the standards of the community of the social media platform. With the conspiracy theories that seemed to be almost truthful and the defenders of the vaccine to come to the rescue, Facebook had turned into a battleground for pro-vaxx and anti-vaxx members. The group also had followers who posted videos showing that the receivers of the vaccines have been killing people as well.

It is to be noted that ‘Vaccines Exposed’ is not the only thing that made Facebook, a battleground. The response to prove each other wrong has been there beyond the group, over the social media platform. The anti-vaxx members, owing to the fact that they are not a new community, have proved themselves to be productive in spreading their influence. They have been successful in creating a kind of ecosystem that has been a perfect fit for the pro and anti vaax arguments to breed in.

Although there have been efforts made by Facebook to do something about it, they still seem to lack behind. Like any other situation, the social media platform has been running after curbing the spread of any kind of misinformation. However, the arguments still linger in the hearts and minds of the users of Facebook and beyond it.