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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Parler CEO Mentions President Trump In The AWS Lawsuit

The CEO of the social media platform, Parler, John Matze, gave an update on the legal battle that is currently going on between Parler and Amazon. He gave a statement on the court filing Wednesday that involves the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, in the case.

What Led To Parler’s Termination?

John Matze, the CEO claimed that before the social media platform was thrown out offline by Amazon, there had been talks going on, of President Trump creating an account of Parler, under an anonymous name. The name that he mentioned was, “Person X”.

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The Parler CEO claimed that it was the foremost reason that drove Amazon to terminate the web hosting of Parler. He mentioned that since President Trump had a huge conservative fan following, Amazon was completely aware of the situation that could arrive in the future.

Matze mentioned in the court filing that a representative of the Amazon Web Series was informed about the plan of President Trump to join the social media platform. This was already known in the month of October. He also added that the representative made frequent questions on the matter in order to confirm. Therefore, AWS completely understood the fact that President Trump’s direct involvement in the service would result in a surge of users.

The CEO declared that Parler’s termination by AWS was far from the reasons stated by them. Though it was told that they resorted to termination due to the unwillingness of the company to comply with its policies, that was not true. It was declared by him that the underlying reason was nothing more than the fact that they did not want the involvement of President Trump in any of the popular platforms of social media.

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