Someone Exposed Ramona Singer’s Dating Life

Ramona Singer

The Real Housewives Of New York City star Ramona Singer, kept his dating life private after divorcing her ex-husband  Mario Singer in 2015. And at their daughter’s company’s launch event, Mario blabbered about his ex’s new love life. Which was a private matter before, and now it has become a piece of national news. She has been trying to keep the information under wraps for specific reasons and Mario has overstepped his boundaries.

Something Serious Cooking Up In Ramona Singer’s New Relationship

 Ramona Singer is rumored to be dating a guy named Bill, whose last name is still unknown to the world. But the new guy has already met her ex-husband. And probably the greatest mistake Ramona did was to introduce him to Mario.

Ramona Singer has been very protective of her relationship until now, and there are some reasons she didn’t open up about it to the world. And Mario being a tattle tale has gossiped about to herb guests. And how they have met each other, despite the fact he is an ex and the other one is new. And how they have planned to go to the T Bar after the launching party. Ramona Singer and Bill are dating, tumor has been up on the market for months now. As now cats are out of the bag, she has responded to the paparazzi.

Close people of Ramona have shared they are pretty serious about their relationship. There is a chance the Bill guy is still separating from his wife, perhaps in the process of divorcing. Sources said Ramona Singer is calmer now, she has evolved a lot. And all of them had dinner after the launch party where she mention Bill as her friend. When further asked Ramona Singer declared it is way too early to name their relationship or to label him as her boyfriend