Facebook Adds New Tools and Guides for Coming Out Day 2020


Today is Coming Out Day that is the celebration of the acceptance of gender and identity, and the LGBT community. To mark this event, Facebook has announced some presentations and features that will make people able to understand more and join by their Instagram and Facebook presence.

Firstly, Facebook adds some new guides on Instagram to help people who might be searching to come out to friends and family.

Facebook Coming Out Day

As explained by Facebook:

“We partnered with PFLAG, It Gets Better Project and The Tegan and Sara Foundation to create new Instagram Guides offering tips on topics such as safety and support for those going through their coming out journey, as well as for their friends and family.”

Additionally, Facebook adds a new animated logo for the Coming Out Day Facebook that when it’s tapped on will link the users to content feed using the hashtag #ComingOut2020. It also added a new stickers set for both regular posts and Stories on Facebook.

Facebook Coming Out Day

Facebook is also announcing a new show on Facebook Watch by Tan France and Demi Lovato, that will give a platform for people to share their journeys of coming out, and provide messages of guidance and support.

Facebook also will be displaying personal stories of people who have come out, by the official channels.

“We’ll share a series of stories about coming out in unique environments and situations. From remote locations to cultural insularity to personal struggles, we’ll follow the stories of four people and how they found connections, positivity, and even celebration in unexpected places.”

This lead will give important guidance and support for people who might be dealing with their own trying to understand and questions. and know how to deal with their personal situations by providing a large platform to their concerns. It may assist reducing some of their stigma, and make others feel comfortable in their efforts to come out.