Facebook Shares New Insights into Gen Z, and How COVID-19 has Changed Their Outlook [Infographic]


While Coronavirus has made impacts through the whole world, we know older people where in more risk while facing the virus. However, younger people are witnessing significant changes in their careers and education, some long lasting impacts.

According to Facebook:

“For Gen Zers, the COVID-19 pandemic has struck at a particularly formative time, disrupting educational journeys, career opportunities, and more. Yet many Gen Zers seem to be weathering it in a way that leaves them transformed, stronger – energized around who they are, what they stand for, and what drives them.”


Definitely, the changes that happened to the society after the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced a lot of traits proven in the younger demographic groups. This includes a growing awareness of reasons and the effects on many different aspects of society. Also, that can change the way marketing experts are looking to be connected with their audience to increase brand messaging.

To offer you more insights on this, Facebook lately created an analysis survey on the responses from more than 15K people to get a better view of how Gen Z is reacting to the COVID-19 Pandemic and how it affects outreach and advertising. Here is the full report “Meet the Future: Gen Z’s Regeneration”. However, the main information is explained easily in the infographic picture below

Facebook Gen Z research