Facebook Vanish Mode: The Social Media Giant’s Latest Disappearing Message Update


Facebook recently announced its latest update called Vanish mode. It resembles the classic Snapchat feature of disappearing messages. The update is Facebook’s September redesign project. The feature will be available on Instagram and Messenger. 

What we know so far is that your messages, including voice notes, stickers, emojis, photos, and images will disappear once as soon as the recipient sees it and closes the chat page. 

Vanish Mode By Facebook Follows Snapchat’s Classic Feature

If you have updated your Messenger app, you must have seen this Vanish Mode in play already. Facebook has announced this redesign two months back but is just rolling it out. 

For Instagram, the social media giant has released some of the Vanish Mode features. The features are currently active on Instagram’s direct message page. Apart from the similarities to Snapchat, this feature is quite similar to Messenger’s already present secret conversation feature. The secret conversation feature allows users to directly send end-to-end encrypted messages. These secret messages will only be saved on the sender’s device. The Vanish Mode is different from the secret conversation feature as it allows users to permanently delete their messages once the recipient sees it. 


As per sources, Facebook has added Vanish Mode to attract young audiences who prefer chatting in private. The private and public stories on Instagram is also a part of this plan. Earlier, this feature was used by Snapchat. And it’s popularity speaks for itself. And this may be the reason why Facebook is trying to adopt the feature too. 

Facebook has been adopting a lot of features from its rival platforms in Whatsapp, Instagram, and messenger for quite a while now. So, it’s not surprising that it has decided to release its Vanish Mode. In 2019, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company is looking to expand and focus more on messaging groups and private chats than in posts and public news feeds. 

Facebook To Focus On Private Chats Than On News Posts

It has been receiving mixed reactions from users as of now. One good thing about the Vanish Mode is that it’s not compulsory. Users can opt to turn the feature off us they want to. Additionally, users can swipe up and on the chat page and access the Vanish Mode. 

Note that this feature has been introduced only for private chats and not for message groups. The option will appear at the top corner of your window. It can be switched off and on by simply swiping up and down. 

Facebook recently released a statement saying that the feature is optional. Additionally, if your message has been screenshoted, Instagram and Messenger will notify the user of the same. 

Facebook has also revealed that individuals can be reported over misusing the Vanish Mode.