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Monday, August 15, 2022

Facebook’s War With Apple Doesn’t Seem To Stop Anytime Soon

Facebook has finally learned its lesson regarding its views about updating the privacy changes on Whatsapp- which had led to quite a  few million users opting out of using the app. This sudden change has led the company to finally sit up and take notice of the many interests that people have throughout the internet.

Facebook owns Whatsapp- and the social media app was forced to put a halt on its privacy update just the previous month- where a single notification on the app led to users leaving the site. Most of them got scared away because of the privacy concerns that came up and started using other apps like Signal and Telegram. Now, Facebook has again started its debate with Apple over data tracking- which has put it on the offensive. 

The New Apple Policy Would Put Facebook At Risk

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In the next couple of months, several users of the iPhone would find a message from Apple that would be asking them to allow Facebook to collect data. In the event that the user denies such a request, the company won’t allow the social media app to collect any data. 

Facebook is of the opinion that such an update would lead to a massive rollout of users. They have constantly pleaded for their users to stay logged in- for they claim that such an update will simply make the app more interesting to them. The app wouldn’t be stealing any data from them- for it never did in the first place. 

There have been quite a few apps that have been tracking user activity in order to put up the best facilities for the users. Apple- on the other hand- has decided to shut down on how much data will be collected by apps like Facebook.

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