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Friday, August 12, 2022

Fake Photos Of Naomi Irion Is Circulating- Nevada Police Warns People

All the family members of Naomi Irion still believe that she is out somewhere alive and they must continue all the search plans as before. The authorities have also requested people not to share any more fake news about the rescue plan of Ms. Irion. 

Family Members of Naomi Irion Are Suffering Due To The Fake Photos

Troy Driver, the 41-year-old man, was arrested after the incident whose photos are making headlines on all the news channels and social media platforms. Troy is going to have a hearing on Wednesday where the Judge will decide whether his bail application will be granted or not relating to the disappearance of Naomi Irion on 12th March. 

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Naomi, the 18-year-old victim, is missing since 12th March after she was waiting for her shuttle and was picked up by a hooded driver in a Fernley. Later on, the car was found empty and there was no sign of her to date. On 25th March, as per information from the office of the Lyon County Sheriff, Troy Driver was arrested regarding this missing incident and he was found to have already spent ten years of sentence in jail for another murder case. 

The investigation department has requested people not to share false information on any social media platform regarding the possible fate of Naomi as it is affecting her family members. There has been bogus news on Facebook like she was spotted in a place near Nevada and was brought to the hospital with pictures of a woman being taken on a stretcher. 

The investigating team shared these forged pictures and asked the people not to spread rumors about Naomi Irion as her location is still unknown and this news is creating barriers in their efforts to find her. Casey Calley, Naomi’s brother who used to live with her stated that the search efforts are still going on he is sure that they will find something between the area Fallon and Fernley. He still believes that his sister is alive and thus, he requested everyone to be patient with the investigation.

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