Fans React To Harry Styles Drinking Out Of His Shoe In His Australia Concert

Harry Styles

Harry Styles has performed something disgusting in his Australian concert that even his fans haven’t taken a amazingly. The musician was in Perth performing in his first ever concert in the Aussie soil and he decided to stun his fans by drinking directly from his shoe.

Harry Styles in his interview after the concert have said that this is a very disgusting tradition he has ever heard about. The ‘shoey’ tradition about which styles was talking about was made popular Daniel Ricciardo, a formula1 driver.

There has been videos from the show that took no time getting circulated all over the internet showed Harry Styles filled up his sneakers with alcoholic beverage and then drinking the leaker in front of a crowd cheering for him.

He then jokingly said that he now feels like he is different. He keeps on saying that he feels ashamed of himself for he was sharing such a moment with people around him.

Harry Styles Drinking From His Shoe:

Fans of Harry Styles’ however took no time to react on the matter as they video started circulating online. One fan said that they don’t understand why people are cheering such a behavior while they feel sick just watching the video.

Others hypothesized that Styles’ use of the word “shoey” was a reference to Ricciardo, a Perth native with whom Styles has a close buddy named Xander Ritz.

Ricciardo when asked about the incident said that they have a mutual friend and that is how they know each other. He said that when the video became viral on social media, their mutual friend said that they cannot believe it is happening now despite Harry wearing the shirt always.