Florence Pugh Slammed ‘Vulgar’ Comments After Wearing A See-through Dress

florence pugh

Florence Pugh reacted to vulgar comments two days after she wore a see-through dress to attend the Valentino haute couture show on Friday. Her outfit was getting a lot of attention since then, and the Little Woman star’s hot pink gown had made her the center of attraction. However, the star found it concerning how openly and aggressively men were trying to slam her over her clothes and body choices.

Florence Pugh’s Bold Style Statement

Florence Pugh attended the show on Friday, July 8th, in Rome, where she wore the dress. She shared pictures of her wearing the dress on Instagram with the caption “technically they are covered?” referencing the gown.

Two days later, the star stated in another of her Instagram post that she knew that dress was going to grab the attention of the netizens, and she was okay with that. However, she did not understand why people passed negative comments on her body under those pictures.

Remarking specifically on the comments, the star said she was surprised seeing so many of her followers wanted to put their disappointments aggressively about how she was ‘flat-chested. She also said she was fine living in her body and is aware but not afraid of her breast sizes.

Florence has also stated that she is in terms with her body, and she is comfortable with it. Florence Pugh, who recently had her break with Marvel Cinematic Universe, finally said to those Vulgar comments to grow up and respect people and their bodies. Respecting all women and humans is the way to make life as we know it a lot easier.

We have seen the Black Widow star opening up before about her appearance as an actor in an interview with Glamour, UK, in 2020.