Nicki Minaj Allegedly Pushes Fans During A Chaotic Meet And Greet In London

Nicki Minaj

In a recent TikTok video by user @theyluviish, a Nicki Minaj stan claims that the rapper pushed him as he tried to get a selfie with her in a chaotic meet and greet in London.

According to the video, the fan tried to take advantage of the star’s proximity and lean back against her to take a video; the rapper repeatedly told the fan to back up before he was allegedly pushed away by the star.

Nicki Minaj Being ‘Pushy’

The fan claimed that he was happy that his favorite star touched him in the video’s comment section. Concluding the incident, he thanked the rapper for stopping by.

The incident took place when the star rapper decided to conduct a meet and greet after her performance at the Wireless Festival on Sunday. She announced the gathering on Instagram after the show in Camden Town, London. According to the Mirror, hundreds of people appeared at Café Koko, and the rapper was mobbed on Nicki Minaj’s arrival.

The star shared a Twitter video of the mobs urging her fans to get in a straight line, or she could not meet their fans. However, there was no improvement in the situation, and the police were forced to surround the rapper and decided escorting her back will be the better way to handle the crowd.

The Camden Police tweeted about the incident later on how in the interest of safety, the event managers decided they would not go ahead with the event. They also requested the common people to avoid the area. They also said the crowd leaves the scene slowly while the police stand still. No arrests happened in the event.