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Foul Reaction from David Crosby to One of His Fans Infuriates Netizens

It seems like David Crosby is not sorry or is not ready to apologize either for his foul response to his fan. The legendary singer recently went viral on the weekend as he responded to a drawing by his fans.

David Crosby was not pleased to see a painting of his done by one of his fans. David unleashed his fury as he saw the fan art. He said that it was the weirdest portrayal of his on a canvas that he had ever witnessed. The legendary singer added a ‘do not quit your day job’ at the end of his retweet of the fan art.

David Crosby Kept Replying To Fans Who Thought It Was Wrong to React to A Fanart Like That

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 However, social media was shocked and stunned at such sharp comments from a legendary artist regarding his portrait. The netizens were talking about the incident all over the internet. When one of them questioned Crosby about his such sharp remarks on the portrait, the artist simply said he did not think that it was a good enough portrait of him. However, he admitted that the last part of those remarks was ‘pissy.’ However, he also added that that is him, but sometimes, however, most of the time, he is thoughtful.

When another person said that David might have hurt the feelings of the fan, the infamous singer of ‘for what it’s worth’ said that he did not care, and if he did not like it, he was going to say that directly.

Another fan said that the singer was unkind and disrespectful, saying those things to a well-intending fan trying to draw his favorite artist. However, David Crosby also replied to that by saying he is not going to pretend that he liked something even when it is clear that he didn’t.

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However, even though the singer kept giving responses to comments like that, some of his fans also praised the honesty of the singer.

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