Usher Shares Health Update On Justin Bieber


A month after famous pop artist Justin Bieber shared his case of facial paralysis, his former mentor says that the singer is now doing fine.

Usher the former mentor of Bieber, told Extra that he thinks, as a member of the community and an artist himself, all of them have faced problems that their audience may not understand. He also added how he thinks Justin has done a lot with his songs. Usher says he is happy that he has seen the boy’s journey from the start and is still a part of the journey as friends.

Even though the friendship between the singer of “Love in This Club” and Justin isn’t well-known to the media, the Usher said that they have hung out together. Usher, who was on the verge of beginning another Las Vegas Residency Show on the weekends, has said that he feels great that Justin has all the support from his fans and his family.

Usher Shared Some Health Updates On Bieber 

Usher shared some updates on Justin Bieber’s health while being interviewed by the press. The star singer said that he and Justin are great friends, and sometimes they hang out too. He said that it feels great to have support from all the fans and the close ones for an artist when they are sick or going through something tough in life that fans might not understand.

Justin Bieber, 28, has recently been diagnosed with facial paralysis and was forced to cancel his forthcoming concerts. The singer shared the news with his followers on Instagram with a video in June. The video showed how an eye was not blinking, and the singer could not smile from one side of his face.