Justin Bieber Struck By Paralysis

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

In a video shared on social media, Justin Bieber revealed to his followers that he had been dealing with facial paralysis as a result of Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Just this afternoon, after reports surfaced that Justin Bieber had delayed his upcoming tour due to a medical problem, he took to Instagram to explain his diagnosis and status.

Justin’s fans found out that he had been paralyzed on one portion of his face and unable to perform facial expressions thanks to the crucial footage.

Justin Bieber Shares An Important Video

He addressed his audience, “I wanted to give you guys an update on what is been going on. It is rather obvious from looking at me that I have Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Paralysis of my face is a result of this virus’s onslaught on the nerves in my ears and face. “This eye is not twitching, as you can see,” he went on.

Justin Bieber said that it had paralyzed half of his face, claiming, “There is complete numbness on this portion of my face; I can not grin on that side and my nose would not budge.”

Next, he explained to his “frustrated” audience that he has to “slow down” since his body is urging him to because of the cancellation of forthcoming shows.

Justin has said that he is unable to do live gigs and has added, “This is extremely serious.” I wish that were not so, but I know I need to take it easy for a while.

The singer said in the video that he plans to use the break to “rest and relax,” adding, “I must go get my remainder on in order to get my face right to where it is meant to be.”