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Candace Cameron Bure Is Pretty Shocked At The State Of The World

Candace Cameron Bure doesn’t seem to be able to stop her emotions from flowing while she deliberates on the changing face of this world. The star of Full House recently took to Instagram and posted a series of videos on her story on Thursday- most of which had her tearful and covering her face for the camera.

She reflected to her viewers that this was one of those times when she went and scrolled through the social media platform only to be quite shocked and upset about the state of the world. While the actress didn’t state what it was that got her in such a position, she did try to change her mental state with what she considered to be a gratitude challenge.

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Candace Cameron Bure Reflects Upon The State Of The World 

Candace Cameron Bure started this challenge by thanking the Lord- who was in control of every facet of this planet. She was grateful for everything that the Lord had done for every one of us, along with the ability He had bestowed upon her to justify before him. She also thanked him for being able to sanctify herself throughout her life- at the end of which He would be redeeming her. She also spoke a lot about fitness- which she believes could definitely help in reversing some of the sad feelings that she was prone to succumbing to. 

The post from Candace Cameron Bure comes just a couple of weeks after she broke down on her Instagram over the school shooting that took place in Uvalde, Texas. The school shooting had claimed the lives of 21 individuals- of whom 19 were school children. 

Candace Cameron Bure mentioned that her heart went out to the grieving families, and being a mother herself, she could absolutely empathize with what the other families in Uvalde were going through.

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