French Montana Made Fun About His Pal Kanye West

French Montana

French Montana, the American-Moroccon rapper, made fun of his friend Kanye West in regard to his Instagram spat. As per French Montana, Kanye must start his own social media platform as recently he was banned from Instagram for a day. This was because Kanye West constantly targeted his ex-wife and other people which led to the violation of social media platform policies of harassment, hate speech, and cyberbullying. 

French Montana Joked About Instagram Suspension Of Kanye West

French Montana posted on Wednesday that as Kanye was banned from Instagram, he would now make his own media platform. This incident might also suggest that French was referring to the new album Kanye is about to release. Donda 2 might be only released on the personal Stem Player of Kanye for which he spent $200 and have in return earned $2.2 million from the sales. 

Kanye West was suspended on Wednesday after he made a racial comment on Trevor Noah that he is just a South African comedian. As per a source, Kanye West violated a lot of laws of Instagram and the social media officials have warned him that if he continues to do this, more stringent action will be taken against him. 

Kanye West took a dig at Noah who commented on the abusive behavior of Kanye towards his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Following this incident, Kanye West has been commenting continuously against Kim and her boyfriend, Pete Davidson. He is dragging his wife in most of his posts on Instagram. He even accused her that she does not allow their four shared children to meet him. 

Kim Kardashian snapped back at him for this accusation and posted that he should stop spreading false narratives on social media about her. She also added that he picked up the kids for school this morning. Kanye also gave threats about beating Pete Davidson whom Kim is dating now after their divorce in 2021.