Gal Gadot Is Pregnant— And Instagram Went Wild!

gal gadot
gal gadot

Gal Gadot, the actress who gained widespread popularity for her role in ‘Wonder Woman’ of the DC Extended Universe, announced her pregnancy on Instagram. In the post, she was sitting hunched on her bed to the rest. It was a rare share, as the actress was joined by her husband as well as the two children they already share. Yaron Versano will have his third child with the star of the Fast & Furious franchise. The image featured her cuddling with her family with a relaxed smile and the others keeping their hands on her bulging belly. 

The thirty-five-year-old actress already has two daughters with her husband— Alma and Maya. Both are 9 and 3, respectively. In the image, Gal Gadot wore a simple slip dress in white. The post’s image was enough to speak volumes to the audience or 3 million + people who liked the post. But she did put a tiny caption that captured the entire journey she was setting up for. She simply said that here they’d go “again.” 

Gal Gadot’s Pregnancy Announcement Goes Viral

The comments below the post went helter-skelter. The post has been widely celebrated and still is on social media platforms, Instagram as well as Twitter. People congratulated Gal Gadot for the good news. Some on Twitter even shared memes, Wonder Woman images in response, gifs, among other heartfelt messages. A couple of these commenters mentioned that they weren’t the least bit surprised. 

Gal Gadot had made an appearance just a day ago at the 78th Annual Golden Globes. The show was celebrated at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday. The actress made an appearance in a beautiful Givenchy dress. The dress was white and had sheer sleeves floating to her wrist. It was also slightly baggy, and some pointed out how they already felt she was wearing maternity clothes. 

Gadot and her husband, along with the daughters, had a minor appearance in Wonder Woman 1984.