Gayle King Posts Pictures Of Thanksgiving Celebration Alongside Her Niece

Gayle King

Gayle King has a rather unorthodox tradition for her Thanksgivings. It seems she is intent on keeping it going as well. The anchor of CBS Mornings has a tradition of doing a photo shoot on Thanksgiving, now ongoing for six years. King along with Mekenzye Schwab, her niece, posted the pictures on her Instagram profile to keep the annual trend going.

Gayle King’s Fun Thanksgiving Photoshoot

The Instagram post, which Gayle King published on November 27th, had the caption that the trend had returned due to the demand of the public. She explained that it would always include her and her favorite niece in swimsuits for the occasion. In 2017, King continued, the first photo shoot was shared with an intent to be humorous as she wanted to poke fun at Mekenzya. Now, however, it is a full-on “thing”. The 68-year-old journalist, in the company of her niece, posted the pictures from Mexico’s Cancun. The two wore glamorous swimsuits.

In the starting picture, the pair wore one-piece swimsuits in yellow, while they stood on a beach path, hidden from the public. The other pictures showcased in the carousel posted by Gayle King included the two in the same poses, in adjacent pictures. There are other pictures where King and Schwab posed wearing black-and-white swimsuits while on a boat’s staircase.

Another picture showed Gayle King sporting a halter one-piece with a one-shoulder, fashioned with stripes of salmon pink, white, and bright red. She could be seen mimicking the lounging pose that Schwab displayed by the poolside. She even copied how her niece can be seen brushing her hair using her fingers. Schwab sported a paisley bikini with a host of colors in her posing picture. Schwab also posted the pictures and asked if she could at least get any consolation prizes for trying to keep up with Gayle King.