Gayle King Will Be Hosting King Charles With Charles Barkley

Gayle King

Charles Barkley and Gayle King will be teaming up for the new weekly primetime show for CNN: King Charles.

The program will have a duration of one hour and was confirmed last weekend, with the network CEO Chris Licht considering the announcement as quite thrilling in a memo to staff when it was noted that the show would be launched this fall.

In the memo, Licht mentioned that the show would be a very exciting way of delivering culturally relevant programming- as well as unique perspectives to the audience- from two extremely dynamic individuals. Licht further stated that they were excited that the two individuals were able to join us in addition to their current roles- as Gayle would still be the anchor of CBS Mornings. 

Gayle King And Charles Barkley Will be Hosting King Charles

Speaking about this new program which would have Gayle King, Licht mentioned that this show exemplified the one-company and one-team mentality- with Charles playing both double duties at CNN and WBD Sports. The duo also confirmed the news on Saturday- with King, the 68-year-old Television personality, vowing to host a show that would offer good conversation without having to tear others down to build themselves up. King also mentioned that he wasn’t necessarily looking for another job- as she already hosts Gayle King in the House on Sirius XM. 

Along with Gayle King, Charles Barkley also quipped that this program wouldn’t discuss if someone was a liberal, Republican, conservative, or Democrat- as he believes this has already ruined television in general.