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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Green Dot Co. (NYSE: GDOT) To Release Their Quarterly Sales of $253.10 Million

Stock market analysts have predicted Green Dot Co. or NYSE: GDOT is supposed to announce their current quarter sales worth $253.10. Several analysts think that the sales would be ranging between $240.60 and $288.75 million. 

Previous year for a similar quarter, Green Dot Co. had announced a sale worth $229.23. This means NYSE: GDOT industrialized 10.4% over time and experienced a fruitful year. The next earning results are to be announced on November 5. 

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For the present year, NYSE: GDOT would announce an average yearly sales worth $1.15 billion. The range is expected to vary between $1.15 and $1.22 billion. Forecasts have already been made regarding NYSE: GDOT’s progress over the upcoming year which predicts $1.20 billion sales ranging between $1.17 and $1.23 billion.     

NYSE: GDOT’s latest quarterly reports on August 4, suggests that they topped the estimation of the consensus by a margin of $0.11 having a sale of $0.43 per share. With an equity return resulting to 7.96% with a 4.39% net margin, Green Dot Co. had an income of $316.24 million through the previous quarter. Exceeding the predictions of the analysts of the amount of $240.94 million, NYSE: GDOT reported an EPS of $0.90. This resulted in the rise of their revenue by 13.6% last year.

Price Objectives of NYSE: GDOT

Craig Hallum, an equity research analyst, increased NYSE: GDOT’s price objective to $70.00 from $62.00 and offered them a rating “buy” on the stock market on October 5.

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JPMorgan Chase and CO. raised their objective price from $40.00 to $52.00 and offered them a rating “neutral” on the stock market on August 17.

Canaccord Genuity improved their objective price to $56.00 from $35.00 and offered them a rating “hold” on the stock market on August 5.

Jefferies Financial Group had raised its price target to $55.00 from $50.00 and offered them a rating “hold”.

BTIG Research reaffirmed its “buy” rating on the stock market and reported a price target of $63.00 on August 4.     

NYSE: GDOT shares has an average “hold” rating and an average value of $54.45 in the stock market.

NYSE: GDOT Shareholders

William I. Jacobs, Director of Green Dot Co. has reportedly made a sale of 500 shares for an average figure of $61.51, resulting in a sale worth $30,755 on October 15. With an average value of $61.51, the total stock value is $30,755. This sale amounted to $4,084,325.51 with 66,401 shares owned by the director. Kenneth C. Aldrich, Director also made a sale of 4,314 shares at $51.61.

Diversified Trust Co purchased $311,000 worth shares, Principal Financial Group Inc. owns $18,163,000, Strs Ohio has $1,143,000, APG Asset Management N.V. with $5,666,000 and, California State Teachers Retirement System possesses $3,769,000 investment in NYSE: GDOT.

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