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Grimes Share Surgery Pictures

Grimes has shared a photo of her covered face after undergoing surgery. The 33-year-old artist took to Instagram on Saturday where she shared a photo of her bandaged face. “Just got the elven ears done and I’m super grateful I don’t have to wear my prosthetic anymore and have actual ear holes,” Grimes wrote alongside a photo of her covered face. Grimes isn’t as tough as she thinks she is

The singer is still recovering from wanting pointed elf-like ears. The singer shared a photo on her Instagram page of herself looking bruised and bandaged up after recent surgery. “I had surgery on Friday to have my ears pinned back and I haven’t been able to see myself yet,” Grimes wrote. “So here’s a selfie of me looking like an alien with a bandage on my face!”

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Following the procedure, The singer shared that her new look was inspired by “Elf ear surgery,” which is when an individual undergoes plastic surgery to give their ears a more elf-like shape.

Grimes Gets Ear Surgery

The 33-year-old artist took to Instagram on Saturday where she shared a photo of her bandaged face.

In the caption for the photo, Grimes explained that she underwent “Elf Ear Surgery.”

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The singer told the New York Times in December that she wanted pointed ears because “it sounds really cool.” She also said that she did it because “everyone would be really jealous if they knew I could get pointed ears.”

At this point, I’m sure most people are well aware of how silly it was for Grimes to get these fake elf-like ears in the first place—especially since there were so many other ways for her to make herself stand out without going under the knife. But even though we may have known better than to expect Grimes’ decision would end well, seeing these photos made me sad anyway because it reminded me that even someone with such an impressive track record sometimes makes bad choices when they’re trying hard not too!

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