Harry Styles Boycotts Adidas?

Harry Styles

Harry Styles has reportedly moved away from Adidas after his former collaborator Kanye West made some very controversial comments. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Adidas would be no longer working with Kanye West‘s Yeezy brand. According to the publication, the decision was prompted by Kanye’s controversial comments regarding abortion. However, after the news broke, many were left wondering if Harry had anything to do with the ending of the partnership.

In a recent interview with the publication, he said: “Adidas has been great to work with and there are no hard feelings on either side. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they’re a great company.”

However, the media also noted that Harry’s departure from Adidas has nothing to do with his friendship with Kanye West – who recently appeared in his YEEZY Season 6 show at New York Fashion Week – and that he was not being paid by them anyway.

Harry Styles Sparks Rumors

Harry Styles’ decision to stop wearing Adidas isn’t a sign that he’s breaking up with the brand, though. According to sources close to Styles, he was never a fan of Kanye West or his recent comments about slavery, and simply wanted to move on from the issue by moving away from Adidas.

While it’s clear that Harry Styles has been influenced by his love for sneakers (and his own personal style), it seems unlikely that he would want to be affiliated with any brand that doesn’t align with his own values. It’s also not clear whether or not this break-up will last more than one season; we might just see him in Adidas again next year!

Harry Styles may have broken up with Adidas because of Kanye West.

Styles endorses the sportswear company, but he has been on a hiatus from the brand for more than two weeks now.

Fans believe it’s because Harry wants no part in being associated with controversial rapper Kanye West after his former collaborator was arrested for assault and battery at Los Angeles International Airport on October 25, the same day Harry was supposed to be promoting his new Adidas sneaker at a launch event in London.