Heather Dubrow Discussed Her Husband’s Rumored Cheating

Heather Dubrow

The chat room now features Heather Dubrow. The actress of Bravo’s reality tv series “Real Housewives of Orange County” refuted reports that she has been missing out on filming sequences for the forthcoming season because of adultery rumours involving her longterm hubby, Terry Dubrow.

Heather Dubrow responded to an Insta post about a tip that’s been recently made to celeb gossip website Deuxmoi by saying, “This is not accurate, on any level.”

An anonymous message had the subject that read the cheating allegations, and it read that the housewife was not able to film with her co-workers in the past few weeks. They said that the rumors apparently was that her hubby’s alleged affair relations was the main reason behind this.

However, the tip has not mentioned the star’s husband’s name but Heather felt that she should set these records straight ones and for all.

Heather Dubrow Missed On Filming The Real Housewives Of Orange County:

Earlier for the year, the presenter of the program “Heather Dubrow’s World” found itself brushing off similar rumours.

The star clearly was not impressed with all the rumors as she said that the rumor of her husband having an affair with assistant of him in his work for years is not true and she herself is outright declining anything in the rumor as she finds it stupid.

Following a four-year absence, the Dubrows’ major return to “RHOC” Season 16 saw them uniting to dispel many allegations, including those pertaining to Terry’s career as a cosmetic surgeon.

Nicole James, a “member of the Housewives,” was found to have sued Terry, 64, for an apparently failed procedure during the first episodes of last season.

The Heather Dubrow were incensed, however not in the way that one-hit sensation Noella Bergener had predicted they would “slam a camera against a wall.”