Helsing Has Raised $223 Million In Series B Funding


Helsing, the European artificial intelligence defense company, recently revealed on the 14th of September, that it had secured around $223 million in Series B funding. This funding had been secured from this venture capital firm that had taken the lead. Saab, a Swedish automotive and aerospace manufacturer, has also participated as a strategic investor.

The company further emphasized its commitment to the advancement of AI technology, for the very safeguarding of the democratic nations around the world. Gundbert Scherf, the co-founder of Helsing, also mentioned in a statement that the company was founded because they believed that AI would be essential so that the democracies could continue to defend their values, considering those values were also shared by the industry and governments. 

Helsing Has Warned The Democratic Countries Of Safeguarding Their Interests

Helsing was established in 2021 and currently specializes in the creation of military components and solutions that are powered by AI, where they cater to projects such as the upcoming NATO Eurofighter aircraft upgrade, as well as the Future Combat Air System Initiative.

Ever since the introduction of ChatGPT in 2022, the rapid expansion of AI has drawn multiple parallels with the much-vaunted space race. There have been a growing number of firms that aim at offering armed forces and governments far more efficient, as well as cost-effective AI-driven military technologies. 

Although Helsing has definitely stood its ground regarding its development, one can’t deny that AI has been growing at quite a rapid rate in recent years and is currently being integrated into a whole range of industries. With the introduction of generative AI, there have also been significant improvements in the capabilities of NLP systems.