Henry Cavill And Partner Natalie Viscuso Are Expecting Their First Child

Henry Cavill

The “Man of Steel” actor and the CEO are expecting their first child, three years after Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso made their romance public on Instagram. Parenthood is a new league that Henry Cavill is ready to join. At the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare premiere on April 15, the “Justice League” star revealed to Access Hollywood that he and his partner Natalie Viscuso are expecting their first child together. Cavill said that his parents encouraged him to become a father, adding, “Natalie and I are very, very excited.”

Cavill is smitten with the Vertigo Entertainment CEO; he told E! News in an exclusive interview “I’ve never known someone to work as hard as her.”

Henry Cavill Opens Up About The Power Of The Encouragement From His Partner 

He said, “We’re not shy of a kitchen dance party, I’ll tell you that much,” of their free time at home. A downrange bottle of wine.” However, the 40-year-old said, “Obviously not now—but previously,” referring to Viscuso’s pregnancy.

In 2017, he said to Men’s Health U.K., “If I ever have kids, I want to be the dad who’s running around after them.” “And even now, it’s becoming late if I do end up having children. However, I want to be a healthy, fit father rather than stumbling about like I’m going to take a break.” Three years after Cavill and Viscuso made their affair on Instagram official, the news was released. It’s not easy to date in the spotlight, but the “Man of Steel” star made it plain that he wouldn’t allow any naysayers to be their downfall.