House Of Dragons Premieres With Record-Breaking Reception

House Of Dragons

House Of Dragons has been one of the most awaited releases of recent times. The web series is supposed to be a spinoff version of the popular show ” Game Of Thrones”. After the GOT seasons got over, the fans and followers were eager for more. They repeatedly asked the production house to continue with the hit franchise. However, the producers discussed the matter with each other and thought that continuing with the show further would damage its reputation.

However, they came up with a better idea for the fans and announced that there will be a similar spin-off show. The anticipation was over the roof and finally, the show premiered on HBO Max. The craze was so much that the opening few hours resulted in the HBO Max platform crashing for some of the users worldwide. According to the latest news, the new show is a prequel to the original show and is supposed to have taken place almost two hundred years before the happenings of “Game Of Thrones”.

House of Dragon draws inspiration directly from the book named, “Fire & Blood”, authored by George R.R. Martin. The initial episode was filled with all the traditional elements from the GOT. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

House Of Dragons Is A Smash Hit

House Of Dragons began by bringing back all the nostalgia of Game Of Thrones. The first episode consisted of all the breathtaking action and the usual blood and gore. They even killed off a very lovable character resembling the story telling pattern of GOT. 

House Of Dragon is expected to be equally entertaining for the fans as it was in the case of Game Of Thrones. If the first episode is a hint, then we can definitely expect more elements of surprise from the franchise.