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Stimulus Check: Final Call For Illinois

Stimulus Check was designed to provide financial assistance to the needy. The government of Joe Biden declared the program in the month of March. The program stressed struggling households. Families that struggled with the adversities of the pandemic were given importance. However, it has been found that many wealthy families received the check as well. Families earning well above $600,000 got benefited from Stimulus checks.

According to a recent survey, a Stimulus Check worth $50 has been received by high earners.  The money included $40 as direct stimulus assistance. The remaining $10 came as Child Credit. This has led to a series of protests. Common people are questioning the method of the government. They are doubting the government policy for determining eligibility for payment.

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Households are still coping up with the aftermath of the deadly pandemic. Necessities are becoming hard to afford for some. Debts and rents are also increasingly adding up to the pressure. A recent study has shown that a large number of people could not clear their debts. The number of rent defaulters has also increased.

Amidst all the calls for a new stimulus check, the deadline for applying for a new check is approaching fast for the resident of Evanston. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Stimulus Check Upto $500 Pending 

Stimulus Checks worth $500 are waiting to be claimed by the residents of Evanston, Illinois. The government announced that out of all the applicants, 150 lucky ones will be chosen for the payout structure and they will be given $500 for a year.

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Harsh Patel is the director of the group Economic Security for Illinois. He stated that the program will not only benefit the citizens to a great extent but will also make a notable change in the society. 

These stimulus checks are expected to provide a great deal of financial respite to the citizens of Illinois. It will be interesting to see if other states adopt this model as well. 


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