How do you get the first 100 followers on Instagram

Instagram Followers
Instagram Followers

Instagram is a massive community with over millions of monthly users from all over the globe. It is a definite fact that when someone creates an Instagram account, they have to start with zero followers. Getting the first few followers is somewhat tricky, but once you achieve the purpose, you will start getting followers naturally with time.

1. Likes and comments on lots of posts

All beginner Instagrammers adopt this approach to get likes and comments. You can utilize this interaction method to gain followers as well. But, keep in mind that this is a bit time-consuming. All you need to do is like or comment on lots of posts. In this way, you will get a few ones back surely.

The best recommendation is to like and comment on the Instagram profiles doing the same stuff as you. Using this approach, you can reach out to the relevant audience with similar interests in your niche.

2. Quality content is king

Quality content is what everybody looks for on Instagram. High-quality Instagram content also helps to gain followers on Instagram. But, constantly posting quality content may be challenging. It required a lot of budget and precious time. Therefore, posting quality content to get followers can be quite expensive.

So, you can choose to buy Instagram followers Canada to get real and active Instagram followers on a low budget.

You need to post high-quality, unique, and appealing content for two purposes. The first one is to keep your existing audience entertained. And the second one is to grab the attention of people to follow you.

3. Link Instagram with other accounts

Instagram allows you to link your account with other social media accounts from the settings menu. Why are you supposed to do so? It is a fantastic way to extend the availability as well as visibility. The people who don’t know you will surely see that you have an Instagram account. They are going to follow you on Instagram. The people who don’t have an account on Instagram can enjoy your posts. It also increases your post visibility, even from other social media accounts.

4. Always remember the hashtags magic

Always keep reading and remembering the top trending hashtags. The reason is that these are important to add in your captions. While looking at the number of hashtags, Instagram allows its users to use up to 30 hashtags. It doesn’t mean that you should fill the blank. Only use relevant hashtags that can actually benefit you. You can also choose to experiment with different hashtags to see which works best for you in bringing you followers, likes, and comments.

5. Add location

While adding captions along with your photos and videos, you are suggested to add location at the same time as well. In this way, when a few people on Instagram search for that specific location, your photo or video will show up to them. It increases your chances of getting followers.

6. Post on popular times

Using Instagram varies from person to person, day to day, or place. But, you should always post on popular times, when there are more chances of your posts to be seen by maximum people. Try to post at 2 Am and 5 Pm.


Trying all the above-listed things will surely get you 100 followers within a few days. Don’t have time? You can always try to buy real Instagram followers approach. The companies like Social Point enable you to buy 100 Instagram followers in Canada as a trial to judge the quality of their services. After that, you can buy the desired package with the utmost peace of mind.