How to become an expert at using TikTok Filters?

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TikTok Filters

If you are not using TikTok as part of your marketing, you are missing out on the latest social media craze. There are over a billion people in the world that use it regularly; a captive public waiting to hear from you. However, you will need to learn a few secrets before you can say that you are an expert on this app. One of them is which filters to use in your posts. Here is more on the subject.

First: Learn about the People Who will see Your Posts 

If you don’t take the time to understand the public that is using TikTok, chances are you will not be directing your messages correctly towards them. You could make the mistake of thinking that it is just like Instagram, which it isn’t at all. TikTok is about creating genuine posts and making people laugh (or at least smile). This is the social media young adults use the most, and so you will need to create videos and images that can talk to their culture and identity.

That is why you will need to adapt to this public and learn how to use TikTok filters, as well. Because users of the app just can’t get enough of them. They simply like entertaining visual content. Therefore, if you provide them with generic, untouched products, they will most probably skip your posts and watch those of others, which could include your competition, if they have done their homework right. To help you out in your quest, to becoming the king of the hill in your industry sector on TikTok, here is more info on the filters and how they should be used.

What Exactly are TikTok Filters?

If you have ever used Instagram, you probably already know what a filter is. It is meant to modify the appearance of an image or a video by changing the saturation, contrast and other settings related to images. Using a filter can literally change the whole visual of the content that you created. It can bring it more life, add some emotions and even turn it into something magical. It is the key that lets you show something about you (or your products), that you want to emphasize on. Once you start using a filter, you should keep on repeating it, so that viewers get accustomed to the look of your posts. As we all know, regularity in marketing tends to pay off much more than constant changes.

Some of the Most Interesting Filters on TikTok

If you want to be Hip, use the Clown Filter

This is one of the last additions on the social media. That is why, if you want to look like you are always in the know-how regarding new cool things, you should insert it into your images and videos. Users tend to add this feature when they feel bad about something they did in their life, or when it is just not going the way that they want it to. A little self-derision has never hurt anyone, right? Even Miley Cyrus used it in the past.

If you want to look Perfect, use the Beauty Mode

No one has perfect skin; not at least without a little make-up on. But that is nothing the Beauty Mode filter can’t change. With it, you can kiss your little imperfections bye-bye. It will do such wonderful things as to even your skin tone, improve the colours in your face, and make you look even better than you already do.

If you want to look Cute, use the Anime Cartoon Eyes from… Snapchat

Yes, it may be strange that we are suggesting you to actually use a filter from another app, in order to become a specialist on TikTok. But the thing is, the anime cartoon eyes are a major trend on the TikTok app. And so, if you don’t use it, you will be losing one of the best tools that can bring viewers to look at your posts. With this filter, you will suddenly find yourself with Disney eyes; large soft and really white.

If you want to add a little Magic, use the Bling Filter

Let’s finish this article on a magical note. We have cheated a little, as it is considered an “effect” on TikTok. But there is no better way to get the attention of viewers than to add a little bling to your posts. It will insert sparkles in your video, in all the places where it needs it. Just don’t abuse of it, if you don’t want to become known as the bling-bling of TikTok.