How to get INSTANT ARTICLE APPROVED within 16 days


We are sharing a piece of knowledge here about how you can get your domain applicable and approved on Facebook instant articles.

Facebook Instant Article What Do You Need

A Facebook page, domain Name and a WordPress hosted website.

  • Website must contain all the necessary pages like about us, contact us, dmca, privacy policy, tos etc.
  • Website must contain 15 to 25 articles totally fresh and ORIGINAL.

So now your website is ready with afresh high quality content now it’s time to apply for Facebook instant article, sounds easy right? Well, you can’t

Here comes the main part, Facebook instant articles getting harder and harder these days. So to making it a bit of difficult for they requires traffic on your web from facebook source.

In the beginning there were no traffic requirements. Then they increased it to 10k, 30k, 50k, 80k and now its approximately 100k.

So what you have to do to apply on Facebook instant article is to drive a bit of traffic on your site from Facebook like 7k 9k clicks per day for 7 to 14 days you can target the cheapest countries like India with facebook ads check out this article Facebook Advertising Strategy: Make The Most of It with Facebook Custom Audiences and in less than 10 days you will get decent traffic to your website with low budget

It can become eligible in less than 8 to 14 days too it’s on your luck.

So after providing traffic once your domain eligible to apply for Facebook IA, add your domain, connect the feed and apply for it.

In less than a week your IA will be approved!

It’s a good earning method too for those who can drive traffic to the web.