Hugh Grant Is Being Leashed As an A-hole On His Rude Behavior At The Oscars

Hugh Grant Presenter

On Sunday while at the interview being taken on the red carpet of the 2023 Oscars, Hugh Grant was rude to Ashley Graham who is an interviewer, and is being tagged as an a-hole. The British actor was asked a series of questions by Graham about what was exciting for Hugh Grant at the show and who was Hugh looking forward to winning and also about his wardrobe. However, what was noticed was that the star of Notting Hill was the least interested in the series of questions.

When the 62-year-old Grant was asked if he had been rooting for any particular, the reply was a cold one with none in particular. Also when he was asked questions about the tuxedo he was wearing, he simply dismissed the question with no clue about the tailor.

Hugh Grant Got Leashed On Twitter

One of the users on Twitter commented on Ashley Graham being very professional and sweet with Grant and Hugh Grant just being a weird fellow. Another fellow tweeted about being disgusted and called Hugh Grant a jerk. He was also accused of being very rude to the model on the red carpet.

Some other viewers tweeted asking Hugh Grant to do better. The viewer further explained the role of the interviewer there who had been just doing her job for those people who invest in his movies and through which only he gets paid. Someone continued of Hugh Grant being a douche which is not surprising.

A comment came asking Grant to behave properly with Ashley Grant since he has been giving the model nothing else on which Bevy Smith, a commenter said that he was being very shady and also making it difficult for her to work.