Hulk Hogan Spotted Walking After False Claims He Was Paralyzed From Back Surgery

Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan Is Fit

Hulk Hogan, the professional wrestler, has recently been spotted roaming around in public despite claims that he has been paralyzed from a surgery.

The news broke when a netizen twitted a picture of Hulk Hogan walking in a store in Florida. However, there has been claims that Hulk Hogan was paralyzed. Hogan was quick to deny rumors. He went to his Twitter account to deny the rumors.

Hogan actually undergone successful surgery in his back at a local hospital in Clearwater. He was released the same day. Hulk Hogan were there in the recent day walking around in their store. He proved those claims of him being paralyzed to be false.

This isn’t the first time that a false claim about Hulk’s health is circulated online. Last year, there were claims that Hulk was injured in an accident denied.

Hulk Hogan Is Fit & Fine

Despite the claims circulating online, Hulk Hogan is doing well. He is now back to his regular activities. It is more likely to restart his wrestling career in near future.

Hogan’s recent visits to the hospital visit was to address an older injury he got from wrestling. This surgery will correct this injury and it was successful, and Hulk Hogan is now expecting to make a complete recovery.

Hogan’s health concern has served as a lesson to be skeptical of any promises made regarding a celebrity’s wellbeing. Before sharing misleading information on social media, it’s critical to check the facts.

Hogan is anticipated to recover completely from his back surgery and he will just picked it up where he left his pro wrestling career soon. Fans may rest easy in the interim knowing that their favorite celebrity is doing well and is able to interact with people in public.