Ice Spice Roasts Her Own Cooking After Fans Poke Fun

Ice Spice

Ice Spice can’t really take any of the heat in the kitchen, as the rapper of several hit songs shared her scrambled egg recipe in a TikTok video which then went viral for all the wrong reasons. The rapper starts by whisking eggs, tomatoes, raw onion, spinach, and a splash of water before she adds it to an oiled pan. The video then moves to the rapper scrambling the eggs, wherein she doesn’t sound too convinced about the recipe. She then continues to sound pretty unimpressed by the breakfast before she adds cheese and black pepper to the meal. She added that the end product could be really bad because she was not a cook and this was the first time that she was actually cooking. 

Ice Spice Roasts Herself On Nasty Cooking Video

Needless to say, Ice Spice’s followers were quick to comment on the video before she ended up deleting it, with Us reporting that the commenters stated that the meal looked pretty tragic to them. Fortunately, Ice Spice was quite a good sport about the critiques and also played along when a fan put out the deleted TikTok on X. The ‘In Ha Mood’ rapper went on to reply to this tweet, with a ‘Pls delete’ caption- along with a bunch of sick and dizzy-looking emojis. 

Interestingly, Ice Spice did pull it off splendidly at Dunkin’, for her new campaign with the Dunkin’ dude himself- Ben Affleck. In the new commercial, which was revealed by PEOPLE exclusively, Affleck reunited with his favorite donut chain in a starring role. Ice Spice also has a special appearance in the spot, which was directed by the star and produced by Artists Equity- in an attempt to announce the collaboration with Dunkin’.