Instagram Launches New Reels Updates, Including Longer Clips and Improved Trimming

Instagram reels
Instagram reels

Reels feature on Instagram were just out for a short while. However, Instagram is in the making for the new changes in the TikTok- like Reels as it will increase the appeal of it.

So, while we do not have any information about the Reels use so far, although Instagram stated that Reels is very popular in India. The changes were made as a reaction to the primary feedback and plan to move Reels to be inline with TikTok.

Firstly, users will be able to create more than 30 minutes Reels.

Instagram Reels

However, Reels were restricted to only 15 seconds just like TikTok. However, TikTok clips can be 1 minute long to give users more space to be creative. Instagram is not planning to make it a 1-minute long, they are just making the 30 seconds. However, it’s available to create 1-minute videos on Instagram feeds.

As said by TechCrunch, the compromise can give a chance to TikTok users to change their main from TikTok to Reels, as it still requires them to edit in a lot of cases to make special Reels content.

Moreover, Reels users will be able to expand their timer by 10 seconds when they are recording their clips as well.

Instagram Reels

And it is also looking to develop its original editing tools with developed deletion and trimming options.

Instagram Reels

Somehow, it’s not a good sign that Instagram is changing Reels’ design. However, it is good as well that it’s trying to learn and align with the behaviors of the users in the application.

Regarding Reels will be better and bigger by time or not, it’s hard to know now. Firstly, Instagram has been making Reels to be an alternative to TikTok in the US where TikTok may be banned and India where it’s actually banned.

A lot of feedbacks is saying that Reels is not as good as TikTok. That could be enough for India. However, if TikTok stays as it is, it will not be enough anywhere else.

However, with reports that TikTok personalized algorithms will not be included in the Walmart/oracle deal. Tiktok may lose the way, and if it did, Reels will be a good alternative for a lot of people.