Instagram Introduces Live Testing Of Reels For 90 Seconds


Instagram has increased its timing for reels by 90 seconds to give its users more time to experiment with their videos. The previous limit of Instagram reels was sixty seconds and hence an increase of 30 seconds was done by the team. This option is being by the majority of the population to challenge their creativity more. 

Instagram Will Work On A Full Immersive Feed

The test for longer reels time started in February and the option was made available for the users to get their point of view as well. The officials were asked at that time whether this feature was made permanent for the people and they answered that it was just in the testing phase. They did not give any hope that the time will be extended officially. 

The format of the reels will probably be re-aligned regarding its offerings with video. In the words of Adam Mosseri, the Chief of Instagram, all the focus of the company will be given to video format and timing in respect of reels. It had abandoned the brand IGTV in the previous year and declared a huge merger regarding offerings of video.

Thus, currently, it seemed normal that the timing was finally increased. This was done to ensure better integration of video offerings in a single stream of content. As per the report of Meta, users spend nearly 20% of their aggregate amount of time making reels on this platform. This outlines the popularity of the composition irrespective of the fact that it is a carbon copy of TikTok

The upcoming step will probably be the reduction in the time length of the video which has the capability to get everything aligned. Thus, the stage of content shift will begin soon. Instagram has also recently removed the ad placement in-stream option to make compact content of videos and to translate the contents into an immersive, full-screen feed just like TikTok.