TikTok Expanded Effect House AR Creation Platform’s Access


TikTok already launched its tool of Effects House AR creation for some specific developers in the previous year. However, now they are trying to broaden the access of beta to all the creators available and this will have a positive impact on the platform to grow its capacity for creativity and to use the new trends of visual effects to get more users. 

TikTok Wants To Fight For Mental Health Issues 

Effects House is just like the Lens Studio of Snapchat and Spark AR of Meta and these platforms give the creators to construct AR effects with a wide range of tools and templates which helps in simplifying the process. In the words of TikTok, resources, tools for learning, technologies for development, and creators equipped with new designs are features offered by Effect House.

These offers empower the creators and help them to construct dynamic and immersive effects specifically for the international community of TikTok. The normal template that is present in the beginning can be used to add other elements which are responsible for the customization of the AR effect to form any morphed or weird face feature. 

The objective of TikTok is to inspire people to go for creativity rather than giving a lot of emphasis on their looks with the help of effects that portray beauty in a negative way. Ogilvy declared recently that the company will not work with celebrities who retouch or distort their body parts or face just to look good for promoting the products and campaigns. 

This decision was taken to fight the mental health problem that the majority of teenagers go through due to these social media expectations. In 2021, Frances Haugen shared some internal research results which showed that Instagram is responsible for causing a negative impact on mental health in teenage girls particularly. This is because of constant comparison with celebrities who edit their pictures to look perfect and spread a false notion of beauty.