15 Free Visual Social Media Content Creation Tools For Marketing


Creating traffic for social media posts requires your content to be picture-perfect. Appealing visuals are necessary to attract more visitors to your post. To enhance your content, there are many social media content creation tools that help you to work on your content and make it better.

Living at a time when every problem has an app, your visual content too can be improved with these social media content creation tools.

Falling Short of ideas to improve your visual content? Read through to find out about the best social media content creation tools for your visuals.

There are seven categories under content creation tools free for users. They are:

  1. Screenshots
  2. Infographics
  3. Memes
  4. GIFs
  5. Charts and Graphs
  6. Image Resizers
  7. Images with Text

Social Media Content Creation Tools for Screenshots


The idea for VEED came from being frustrated working with complex and time-consuming editing software. After spending thousands of hours editing videos with complicated programs, we realised that for many editing tasks the current solution where overkill. We need a simple yet powerful online video editor.


For screen capturing of images and videos, Screenpresso is certainly one of the coolest social media content creation tools consisting of a variety of options.

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If you want to capture newsletters or maps, this is the perfect content reaction tool use. Screenshots can be captured while scrolling horizontally or down a window. 

Particular areas of the screen or the whole screen can be captured as a screenshot. Edit your screenshot by adding shapes, annotations, or even blur portions of it.

You can capture video from the screen itself. This is a perfect feature for creating short tutorials. It can be converted to files with size less than 1MB. You can also convert videos to a format of your choice and extract images as well.

PDF, HTML, or Word can be generated by using captured images. This social media content creation tool is apt if you want to convert your screenshots to downloadable guides.

Your screen captures can be instantly published through email, social media, and cloud sharing.

The Scrolling Window screen is a bit of a pickle when you first start using it. However, you can refer to its Youtube tutorial. Many features are missing from the free version. But one of the best social media content creation tools for screenshots of high quality is Screenpresso. 

Pocket-Pinch: Screenpresso free sets limitation on editing, document generation, and Screenpresso branding on shared content and videos. The Screenpresso Pro costs 28.89 euros per user. For companies, the site license costs 1890 euros.

3.Awesome Screenshot

Available as a chrome extension, it works great for capturing web pages, partially or fully. 

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The features of this social media content creation tool include adding text, annotations, and shapes to your screenshot. You can also blur any part of the image.

 It also allows you to get together with your team and comment on the image directly. Drop-down menu and the option of delayed screen capture are some of the other features. 

It is an easy to use content creation tool except the full-page captures don’t have very good quality. 

Pocket-pinch: A free plan of the app is available only for 30 images. The premium plan costs $8.99 per year.


Not only a great social media content creation tool for your screenshots, but it also lets you place your preferred screenshot into a computer or phone. The Mock-up generation of your website or app is easy through this app.

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To get an image, enter a desired URL into the app. The option of uploading a screenshot from the PC is also available.It lets you choose a transparent background to be edited on Photoshop later. You can also opt for the backgrounds the App provides.

The best feature of this social media content creation tool is it can add videos to your mock-up. If you want to take a screenshot of a scrolling web page, just enter a URL and the rest is automatic.

The mock-ups can be created in MacBooks, kindles, iPhones, and other browsers and desktops.

Although easy to use, the features for image-editing are not that great. Also, some mock-ups are accessible only if paid for.

Pocket-pinch: The free version allows a lower resolution for images and videos. One time purchases are available that include $8 for high quality and $28 for super-high quality of images. For a video of high-resolution, the price is $99. 

The subscription plans include $29/month and $99/month for images, $199/month for images and videos. The monthly downloads are restricted to a certain number.


An image and video capture content creation tool, it allows you to take screenshots of the scrolling window. It also lets you create GIFs. 

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Several editing options are available for editing your images including blurring. The “Scrolling Windows Capture” feature of this social media content creation tool is unique. Screenshot of scrolling images can be taken which are of great quality. If you want to edit videos, trim or add sounds, try this app. 

Pocket-Pinch: The content creation tool’s free trial lasts for 15 days and the paid plan is $49.95 per user.

Social Media Content Creation Tools for Infographics


An extremely simple tool for graphic design, it is one of the most recommended social media content creation tools.


Apart from infographics; menus, magazine covers, collages, flyers, collages, and social media graphics can be made by using their pre-designed templates.

The infographics are categorized into four, namely Business, Education, Charity, and Timeline.

Choose your template and explore the variety of edits that can be done on it. Edits also include adding hyperlinks.

With its vast number of editing options, this social media content creation tool is interesting and fun to use. It is a great app for beginners as well.

Pocket-pinch: Several features are accessible in this content creation tool’s free version. Canva for work costs  $9.95 per month if you go for an annual payment and $12.95 per month if you pay monthly.


For making reports, infographics, posters, and promotions; Venngage is the perfect app.

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This social media content creation tool provides an array of categories under infographics. The categories are Informational, Statistical, Process, Timeline, Charts, Comparison, Geographic, and Tutorial.

You can also add maps, images, text, hyperlinks, and other variety of icons to your infographics. Being able to add interactive elements like polls, forms, and Youtube videos to your infographics is one of the best features of Venngage.

The drag and drop features of Venngage makes it user-friendly. It has a cool interface and a toolbar for editing at the top. There are several templates free to use but for premium templates, you have to upgrade.

 Pocket-pinch: The free version permits you to use limited templates, charts, infographics, and themes. With the free version only five infographics.

The premium plan is $19 per month and a business plan of $49 per month. The quarterly and yearly plans of this social media content creation tool is available at discounted rates.

The logos are a crucial element of a business and play a vital role in a business’s success. You may have noticed that the logo is the face of a company, and people use it to recognize their favorite brands. But, if your brand’s logo is not appealing, you may not get the desired appreciation and attention from the audiences. That’s why it is critical to creating a good logo for your business. You can use an effective logo maker like the one available at logomaker.net to design a classic logo for your business within a few seconds.

Social Media Content Creation Tools for Memes


If you’re a connoisseur of good memes, this content creation tool free to use is your go-to. 



You can create a normal meme by the pre-existing templates. There are several popular memes ready to use. Add your text to the meme and you’re good to go.

All the famous memes such as Drunk Baby, Success Kid, Forever Alone, and the Pickup Line Scientist are free for use in this app.

You need a Facebook login before using Quickmeme. Browse through the memes shared by the public on this social media content creation tool or make a meme of your own! Quickmeme brands the final meme and it can be downloaded.

Pocket-pinch: This content creation tool is free to use.

2.Meme Center

More like a site for social memes, you can create, share, and comment on your memes. The tools which are provided by this app are Quick Meme Maker, Memebuilder, and Gifmaker.



Use Memebuilder to create your memes. You can also opt for Quick Meme as it delivers preset images. 

Categories of this free content creation tool include Harry Potter, Grumpy Cat, and Valentines.

Pick your kind of meme, caption it, choose font and alignment and your meme is ready for the market.

One of the easiest social media content creation tools from a user perspective, it offers a description of font sizes, alignment, and captions. 

Use Quick Meme if you want to create a meme right from the start. Post your final meme to the Meme Center or save it to your computer.

Pocket-pinch: The content creation tools free of cost service makes it more likable among users.

Social Media Content Creation Tools for GIFs


 A search engine to find and share the leading GIFs on the internet, Giphy lets you make GIFs with the help of their editor. 

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One of the most user-friendly social media content creation tools, Giphy lets you make GIFs directly from Vimeo videos and YouTube. Enter a link of a video, choose the start and end time, and your GIF is ready!

Through the GIF caption feature, you can caption the GIFs from the vast database of Giphy. Add your own GIFs, images and captions.

 This editor lets you add stickers and captions and is the right choice for beginners. You can create an animated slideshow of GIFs with the help of the slideshow option. 

If you want to opt for advanced editing, this social media content creation tool has an array of stickers and other options.

If you are new to Giphy and clueless about its usage, try their tutorials. Once over, you can share it with the community if Giphy or keep it personal.

Pocket-pinch: Giphy is a content creation tool free for users.


You can create GIFs from images or videos with the help of this app. You can also use GIF templates available on the site.

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 You can create GIFs with their already available images or preset GIFs. Opting for a YouTube video is also an option. 

This social media content creation tool offers an option to make pie charts and memes on Giphy itself.

On the first go, it is slightly difficult to use this app. But once you get a hold on it, making GIFs by using YouTube videos or templates is a cakewalk.

Pocket-Pinch: The free version of this app doesn’t allow GIF preview when you are editing. The Imgflip Pro costs $9.95 / month. The Pro version offers a range of unlimited features.

Tools for Graphs and Charts


If you want to create graphs and charts, Inforgr.am is one of the best suited social media content creation tools. You can find samples from Nerd Wallet, HuffPost Business, and The Verge.



Infogr.am offers you charts of more than 35 types and 200 maps to opt for if you want to make your own chart or graph. 

It allows you to add your own data from Excel sheets, CSV, or Google Docs. You can also choose information from public records of the UN, World Bank, and several other sources.

Make interactive charts that allow readers to switch sets of data. 

To make your social media content more engaging, make animated GIFs from your graphs and charts.

If you’re not so pro with Excel then this app may seem daunting at first. But with someone handy with Excel, this social media content creation tool is perfect.

Pocket-pinch: If you have opted for the content creation tool’s free version then the.png format will be unavailable for downloaded images. The Infogr.am Pro’s expense is $19 every month. The business plan costs $67 a month and the enterprise plan is available when requested.

4.Online Chart Tool

An extremely straightforward content creation tool, Online Chart Tool lets you make various kinds of graphs and charts. The variety of graphs includes Bar, Area, Pie, Line, Pyramid, Bubble, etc.


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You can select a chart of your choice, manually fill in the data or go for the easier option that is importing a CSV file. 

The editing features of this social media content creation tool are detailed and once you figure them out you open the door to a whole new world.

The app is apt for a simple bar chart. For more complicated ones, the app may not be recommendable as the preview option is unavailable.

Pocket-pinch: Users can use this content creation tool for free.

  Image Resizer Tools

1.Social Image Resizer Tool

For image-cropping up to optimal size to social-network, choose Social Image Resizer app as your social media content creation tool.

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This tool allows you to crop for social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Youtube. You can crop your images to fit as a profile photo, cover art, highlight image, thumbnail, headers, etc. Each social media site offers different crop sizes.

This Social media content creator tool is trouble-free. It involves just two steps, pick an image, and choose a social media site. Then just download the final picture.

Pocket-pinch: Enjoy the content creation tools for free!


A simple image resizer tool for social networks or other sites is Landscape.

12 1


The Social media content creation tool offers a range of social media sites to choose which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Crop sizes vary according to the social media site and your purpose. You can crop your image for several social media networks and download them all together.

It’s interface is eye-pleasing and handy. You can pick the social networks for copping or customizing the crop size. The landscape also offers the option to crop for all the social networks at once. On finishing, download the images into one Zip file.

Pocket-pinch: Try this social media content creation tool for free.

Images with Text Tool

1.Word Swag

One of the easiest social media content creation tools which allow you to put text over an image is Word Swag. It’s made for Android as well as iOS users.


Choose from the free backgrounds or write your own text over a picture, it’s all very easy! There is also a line-up of quotes and captions you can select from in case you don’t find the words. You can customize your text layouts or try from 48 text styles Landscape offers.  

If you’re looking for something as your blog graphic such as a cover photo for posts, use Landscape. Categories such as Food, Travel are add-ons.

You will find 5,90,000 backgrounds and various editing features on Word Swag. Save the final image to any of the social networks or your computer.

Pocket-pinch: The price is set at $4.99 and $3.99 for iOS and Android users respectively.

Although the above social media content creation tools are most user-friendly, sometimes it’s easier to go with something ready-made. Several sites offer pre-made content that you can use. 


Desygner is described as “a graphic design tool that’s easy to use for non-designer,” and includes drag-and-drop elements, the ability to modify images, fonts and colors, multi-page file support, layers, effects and multi-page files. It also offers access to thousands upon thousands of professionally-designed templates and millions (with a paid subscription), stock images. You can also share your designs via email, Instagram and Facebook as well as Twitter and other social media. The tool will automatically resize images to the right sizes for different social platforms. Slides can be professionally presented with the Desygner viewer.

Check out Unsplash, Startup Stock Photos, and Death to the Stock Photo if you want ready to use photography. It has got thousands of images stocked up.

As a social media strategy, content enhancing is one of the first things you can do to create more impact. In this digital-friendly world, there is a maximum scope to keep making your content better. 

Hope this post has provided you with a range of social media content creation tools to choose from. Get started already!